DH2 International, Inc. was founded in early 2007 by owners Dave, David, and Bob to fill a niche in the pet industry for pet friendly wrapping paper.

The original idea was the creative brainstorm of owner Dave. One night during the holiday season in 2006, Dave was looking for a playful and pet friendly gift paper to wrap his dog Sami’s gifts. After an exhaustive search, the only thing Dave discovered was the lack of a product that fulfilled this need.

Sami - It all started because of me!

Dave concluded that if he was looking for this product, there had to be countless other pet owners looking for it as well. The idea was presented to both David and Bob, and with some additional creativity and product engineering, the concept was brought to reality and DH2 International was born.

Many of today’s pet owners currently wrap their pet’s gifts using traditional wrapping paper, which is treated with bleach and chlorine and is potentially harmful to the pet if consumed. In addition to the paper itself, the tape used to seal traditional wrapping paper also poses a potential choking hazard.

Our product was designed to keep pets safe from potentially harmful chemicals and offer a creative and playful pet-inspired design that fits the taste of today’s sophisticated pet owner. After exhaustive research, development and agency approvals, the trio emerged with an ingenious battery of solutions, culminating in the form of Pet Party PrintzTM - pet friendly wrapping paper. Every aspect of the gift wrapping process has been re-engineered to make it a safer product for your beloved pet. The paper, ink, and the unique patented Rip-n-StickTM adhesive edge have been developed with your pet’s safety in mind. We invite you to get your pet involved in the gifting experience and give your furry companion the gift of surprise!